High-Priority Pedicure


The High-Priority Pedicure is especially developed with added health and safety parameters for our higher-risk clients (those with controlled diabetes, cancer treatments, or other immunocompromised conditions) for whom pedicures are typically unsafe. This service includes gentle nail and skincare with a medically sterile pedicure performed by our certified nail technicians, who customize the pedicure service for the client after an assessment to tailor the service to the client’s specific needs.

This unique service includes a timed, organic, anti-fungal foot soak to both prevent micro-breaks in the skin and prevent fungal infections. This is followed by gentle exfoliation and hydrating massage to the feet and legs to promote circulation. Callus care is addressed using non-acidic foot spray and gentle refinement of the troubled areas. All products are medically recommended and chosen for both their therapeutic benefits and the safety of their ingredients.

Nail service for a medical pedicure is performed with trimming, shaping, and gentle pushing of nail cuticles only. No cutting of cuticles or skin is performed in this service to decrease the possibility of infection.

This service is concluded with application of nail polish in a color of your choice.