Anti-fungal Laser and Footcare Series


This series was tailored to bring new hope to those suffering from the painful, discolored, and disfigured toenails associated with onychomycosis. Laser therapy penetrates the nail bed and kills the fungus living underneath the nail. When the colony of fungus under the nail is “attacked” by the laser, the elements that make it grow and thrive are destroyed, killing the fungus.

This allows your nail bed to begin growing new, healthy nails. The treatment is customized for clients who are battling nail fungus and would like a safe, pampering option for their treatment. Within our neighboring practice, Meridian Podiatry, Laser nail therapy for toenail fungus is offered as an alternative to harsh medications and frustrating topical anti-fungal treatment methods.

We have partnered with Meridian Podiatry to offer this exclusive series, tailored by Dr. Robinson to restore your nails. This package includes 4 advanced nail laser treatments, performed on all nails and scheduled 3-4 weeks apart. This is complemented with 4 rejuvenating Meridian Signature Pedicure sessions, ensuring complete foot care and relaxation. Additionally, take home our curated home care kit featuring a mess-free topical anti-fungal nail treatment, a potent nail repair serum, an effective antimicrobial shoe spray, and a three-month supply of our specialized nail growth and repair supplements. Unlock the secret to healthier, more beautiful nails today.